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Measure Business Item is ...

For Test on ATE System,We provide design, simulation and manufacturing service for Probe card for wafer test in front-end & Load board for package test in back-end.


  • Strong Point

1. Simulation ( for PCB design

                            & manufactured PCB performance through analysis )

2. Quick Design , Fab Serivice ( 100 Layer , 2 weeks , 3 weeks for Fab )

3. World Wide Technical support

( Probe Card, Load Board PCB )
( Micro Pitch Extend )

Pitch extension (convert) product of the new technical method to alternative of MLC, MLO

We provide excellent quality products with lower price than MLC.


  • Strong Point 

1. Small Pitch under 50um pitch

2. Stable Yield process

3. Quick Delivery

4. For small quanity ( 2~5 pcs )

Please Click each picture, you can see more product

ATE Interface
( Pogo  Tower, Low cost  PIB )

Have over 10 years field experience with know-hows about test head structures of the major tester makers

It is used by many tester houses such as Japan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia including Singapore.


  • Strong Point

  1. The OEM(original equipment manufacturer) for Tester Maker

  2. Low Cost

  3. Stable Quality


Mother Board
( PRVX Series, WORK, ITC )

Based on 15 years manufacturing experience, we develop and distribute the qualified system interface board to check probe card performance for existing tester and new tester.   


  • Strong Poin

  1. Over 350set of Mother board Manufacturing Experience

  2. Low cost

  3. Strong Mechnial Structure / can use more 10 years

  4. Quick Delivery

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